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I like drawing Women in Glasses, Nudity, Robots, Fighting, and any combination of those things together.

DISCLAIMER: Where as I did work on Legend of Korra, the statements I make about the show unless verifiable by Nickelodeon's website, DVD or any other official source is strictly my opinion and not those of the creators of the show.
I would also like to add, any asks I get that seek confirmation or insight into anything that has not aired, I am not going to respond to, so please don't be offended. But hey, ask me about things that have aired, or crazy ships or whatever.
Hi! I want to be a storyboard artist but where I'm from the industry isn't big so the demand is extremely low. Is it easy to get work in the states (especially since I'll be a foreigner) if I do freelance or should I join a company/agency?

I’m not sure how easy or hard it is. I know people who have done it, and it involves work visa’s and sponsors. If you’ve got the work, and you can get people excited to work with you, then they’ll start pushing for you to get work. That’s the more cautious route, but I have known people who just up and packed their bags and moved down to the L.A. area and started looking for work.

Without knowing your specifics, I don’t really know how to advise you specifically on what to do. 

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Nope. I didn’t even work on that episode.

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You should actually play Sonic Generations. You only play as Sonic and the 2D levels are solid and plus dat remix of Escape from the City

I actually did like that game for the most part. The early stages that were inspired by the early Sonic games are great fun, but I found it funny how as you get into the levels based on Sonic 2K6 and beyond things start getting less fun, because they’re starting to try and make them true to those games, and those were the games I found less enjoyable.

In the end, I just found myself wishing there were more stages based on Sonic 1-3 and Knuckles. I dunno… I just prefer those old school games. 

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"Every epoch dreams its successor." - Jules Michelet

 メトロポリス (Metropolis) 2001; dir. Rintaro


Inktober day 18. Fell behind a couple days

don’t worry… I fell behind by a week at least.


Bryan Konietzko, what are you doing in Mako’s face?

This expression is so much like something he would of pulled for this scene.

All I see is Mako as Johnny Depp.



wow… it’s been 20 years since a GOOD Sonic game was made.

What’s wrong with Sonic Adventure 2?

They FORCE you to play as the other characters. I actually did like the first Sonic Adventure. But what made it good was that if I didn’t want to dig for emeraulds or go fishing, I didn’t have to. I could choose to play as Sonic or tails and just go fast. 

Sonic 2 changed Tails into some slow moving boring character, forced me to dig for emeralds and introduced the lame ass Shadow the hedgehog, who is basically sasuke and I hate those kinds of characters. 

They just always add these needless gameplay mechanics that just get in the way of the fun. Like the Wherehog crap. The fast paced running levels are fun. But then I have to play as the stupid slow moving combat bullshit if I want to find enough red stars or whatever it was to advance to the next running stage. 

The only games I’ve really enjoyed are the ones trying to recapture the glory of the Genesis games. The GBA ones, The first Sonic Rush game on the DS (The second one again added all that boring map screen garbage), and Sonic 4 (episode 2 got the controls a LOT better).



After seeing that Episode with Toph…how can i not do something. 

Toph shows who is still the most badass of them all, I am convinced the only reason she was not in the other books is cause you know toph could have kicked every villians ass with a stomp of her foot Lol. One thing im glad about is her personality hasnt changed even though shes old now and doesnt give two shits about korras problems…or smacking her around. 

Toph’s strong but not THAT strong. Healthy Korra can take her down, she’s no match against Amon and Zaheer. And it will be hard to fight Unalaq in the South Pole either so there’s that. She’s not a jesus. 

Toph has become the Chuck Norris of the Avatarverse.


Am I the only one who kinda ships Kuvira and Su now?



Never change, Eska.


Preview clip from Episode 4 of Book 4, “The Calling” [x].

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